Velkommen Alle Sammen – Welcome Everyone!

poster-12-8-16-1000pxDeep Winter Journey
Sunday January 22nd at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater

In Minneapolis: a post-Inaugural contemplation with music, poetry and dance along with Lynette Reini-Grandell and Carol Sersland



karirunebook1NEW RUNE BOOK!
The Runes: A Deeper Journey, Released December 2016. Also available are hand made rune sets (Minnesota hand harvested birch, cut, sanded and wood burned).

Also available at



ls-box-IMG_2649TWO NEW RECORDINGS! Plus a special 4 Gig “stick” with archived music, videos, and writings (including an editor edition of The Runes: A Deeper Journey).

Ljos – Songs and stories about the above ground beings in the Northlands.

Svart – Songs and stories about the below ground beings.

Also available on iTunes and Amazon.

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Ljos and Svart: Double Album

Kari Tauring and Drew Miller mark the culmination of their 8-year journey together into Nordic tradition with two albums: Ljos and Svart. Another long-time Kari collaborator, Lynette Reini-Grandell, joins in Finnish charms and Kalevala songs. Scott Nieman once again mixes brilliantly and adds the magic of his strings. In the over 100 minutes of original and traditional music, spoken word, and instrumentals, the Sun ...

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My First Visit to the Mountain

In the Footsteps of My Mothers by Kari Tauring for Underdølen Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015.   In the Footsteps of my Mothers I am Kari Tauring, Grace's daughter who was Myrtle Engen's daughter who was Thea Marie Nykreims's daughter who was Oline Gudvangen's daughter who was the youngest daughter of Turid Nedberg and the only member of the family to leave Norway for America. ...

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Stephen D. Winick reviews Nykken and Bear

Folklorist, music critic and editor Stephen Winick, in his article about Eurotrad: European Roots Music for the Huffington Post, said: "Tauring's hypnotic storytelling and singing make for a charming and instructive trip to the northlands." The article starts with Finnish band Kardemimmit. Minnesotans will have two chances to hear this charming quartet of women in September. Then yours truly - along with embedded video ...

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Witches and Pagans Magazine

The Spring/Summer 2015 Issue of "Witches and Pagans Magazine" Return of the Volva! by Sorcha Feilnar An interview with Nordic Roots performer, teacher, author, and staff carrier (volva). Download the pdf or buy the magazine on line!  

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Defining öorlog and wyrd

Öorlog in Old Norse means primal law. Like other concepts in Old Norse metaphysics, it has a deep root in Sanskrit. Öorlog is akin to to the Sanskrit concept dharma, "a derivation from the root dhṛ, which has a meaning of "to hold, maintain, keep", and takes a meaning of "what is established or firm", and hence "law" (Wikipedia). In ...

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