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Svart and Ljos Album Review

Svart and Ljos Album Review

HeathenHarvest.org Kari Tauring’s “Svart” and “Ljos” Are Dense Celebrations of Nordic Folkways by Matthew Carey Odin, the wandering god of the Norsemen, is quite alive in the world of post-industrial music, stalking the fields of viking metal, dungeon synth, and of course leaving his mark in the music of neofolkers such as Et Nihil and Awen. But even within the so-called neofolk genre, the original music of ...

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Defining öorlog and wyrd

Öorlog in Old Norse means primal law. Like other concepts in Old Norse metaphysics, it has a deep root in Sanskrit. Öorlog is akin to to the Sanskrit concept dharma, "a derivation from the root dhṛ, which has a meaning of "to hold, maintain, keep", and takes a meaning of "what is established or firm", and hence "law" (Wikipedia). In ...

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Stephen D. Winick reviews Nykken and Bear

Folklorist, music critic and editor Stephen Winick, in his article about Eurotrad: European Roots Music for the Huffington Post, said: "Tauring's hypnotic storytelling and singing make for a charming and instructive trip to the northlands." The article starts with Finnish band Kardemimmit. Minnesotans will have two chances to hear this charming quartet of women in September. Then Kari Tauring's Nykken and Bear - along with embedded ...

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Released Winter 2016

The 10 Year Anniversary Rune book!

The Runes: A Deeper Journey

What started as a second edition came to fully replace the 2007 release, “The Runes: A Human Journey.”

It is a third larger and ten years deeper!

E-book Now Available

Rune App for iPhone – updated with new book chapters!

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Nordic Root recordings

Nykken and Bear CD cover

Nykken and Bear by Kari Tauring

Nykken and Bear (2013) – Nykken, Nøkken, is the Scandinavian water spirit of the shorelines, always male entities who want to consume the magic poet women. Th Bear is known all around the world for its magical potency: shape shifter, dance leader, winter sleeper, biter.

Traditional and Original stories and songs in English, Norwegian, German, and Swedish.
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Ljos by Kari Tauring

Ljos (2016) – Light – the beings seeking sun!

This release follows Otso (the bear) in Finnish tradition and sings to the sun and moon in German. It includes a studio version Kari’s original invocation song, Komme Alle, usable for dance!

Original and traditional songs and stories in English, Finnish, Swedish, German and Norwegian.


Free Scholarly Notes Available



Svart by Kari Tauring

Svart (2016) – Black – beings of the deep underground!

This recording begins with the final version of Voluspa KariOla – a telling of the staff carrying woman’s prophecy and ends with a 17 minute staff rhythm journey into the nine worlds, recorded live at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. In between is Avalanche – Kari’s original rendition of the Hogganvik Runestone.

Original and traditional stories and songs in runes, Old Norse, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and English.

Free Scholarly Notes Available



Archived Interviews

SHEathenry – Kari Tauring on Volva Stav

Lunatic Mondays with Laura Gonzales  – Kari Tauring on Nordic Root Tradition

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