Helsignet – Whole blessings!

Next Performance In Minneapolis: Winter Solstice in the Northlands!
Monday December 22 –  Bryant Lake Bowl Theater – Tickets go on sale November 1.

Weekly/Monthly in Minneapolis@
The Eye of Horus Metaphysical – 
910 W Lake Street – Minneapolis, MN – 55408

Third Tuesday Stav/Journey  7-8 pm
Thursday Private Sessions 3-9 pm
Second Sunday Dream Clinics 1-2:30

Takk Skal du Ha!


Sing Out! Vol 5 no 3

Sing Out!

At the passing of Pete Seeger on January 28, 2014, I thought about how his songs influenced me as a very young girl. I learned "Where have all the flowers gone?" and "If I had a hammer" from my older cousin and her friend. They were so groovy! We sang and played guitars in my aunt and uncle's RV. Emotional and ...

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KFAI - Art Matters

I was interviewed last night (April 16, 2014) by the amazing Marya Morstad on her KFAI community radio show "Art Matters." Listen to this half hour program and you will learn so much about me, my work in Nordic Roots music, spirituality, and performance - and get a great retrospective of my lengthy musical career here in Minneapolis. Have a ...

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Buckthorn Rune-toss

Classes, Readings, Meet-ups @the Eye of Horus Metaphysical

In their New Location 910 W Lake Street - Minneapolis, MN - 55408 Nordic Roots Spiritual Traditions - 2014 Course Schedule Register at EyeofHours.biz Every Thursday Rune Readings and Private consultations 6 -9 pm Book on line @EyeofHorus Readings - telephone  +1 (612) 827-1292 Monthly Meet-ups: Third Tuesday Stav/journey September through May, 7-8 pm - $10 We will begin with World Tree Stretches, work with rhythm and sound, and have a brief (10 ...

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Nykken and Bear 2013

Kari Tauring's 2013 recording, Nykken and Bear, was supported through a Kickstarter fundraising event -  View Kickstarter Page "... a collection of folk songs, stories and original poems about the musical water spirit and the shape-shifting Bear." - Huffington Post Part of Kari's Norwegian heritage comes from Nykreim on the Sognefjord, home of the Nykken, a male water spirit haunting the edge of deep water and ...

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Nykken and Bear - a suite of songs and poems about
water spirits and shape shifting bears.
“…play the whole thing start to finish. It’s a wonderful journey.”
Felicitas Sokec – Tucson, AZ 

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