The staff carrying woman on her "Thingtide" travels!

The staff carrying woman on her "Thingtide" travels!

Helsignet - Whole blessings

Buckthorn Rune-toss

Kari @the Eye of Horus Metaphysical

In Minneapolis - Weekly Rune Readings on Wednesdays begin August 5, 2015. Readings and Private consultations 3 - 7:30 pm Book on line @EyeofHorus Readings telephone  +1 (612) 827-1292 Out of town? Consultations are available via email - Eye of Horus And Kari's app for iPhone. NEW This Fall: Nordic Folkway Wednesdays - first three of the month 7:30 - 9 Chakra's Class! September 5th - Full Schedule

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In the Footsteps of my Mothers

This is the article I wrote for Underdølen Spring/Summer 2015, the magazine from my "home town" in the Sognefjord, Norway. It describes my journey to the high mountain farm where my mothers, mothers, mothers all come from. I can sing the names of my Mitochondrial Lineage back ten generations. They depended on the goats and the wonderful cheeses made from ...

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Sing Out! Vol 5 no 3

Sing Out!

At the passing of Pete Seeger on January 28, 2014, I thought about how his songs influenced me as a very young girl. I learned "Where have all the flowers gone?" and "If I had a hammer" from my older cousin and her friend. They were so groovy! We sang and played guitars in my aunt and uncle's RV. Emotional and ...

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Return of the Volva!

The Spring/Summer 2015 Issue of "Witches and Pagans Magazine" published a wonderful interview with Sorcha Feilnar about my history and current work reclaiming the traditions of the staff carrier in the Nordic Folk Way. Also in this issue is a great article about the work and books of Maria Kvilhaug! You can read my interview below and purchase the magazine ...

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Nykken and Bear - a suite of songs and poems about
water spirits and shape shifting bears.
"...play the whole thing start to finish. It's a wonderful journey."
Felicitas Sokec - Tucson, AZ 

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