Two new recordings will be released – Thank you so much to all who donated.


Helsignet – Whole Blessings

The staff carrying woman on her "Thingtide" travels!

The staff carrying woman on her “Thingtide” travels!



Nykken and Bear CD coverNykken and Bear: a suite of songs and poems about water spirits and shape shifting bears.

…play the whole thing start to finish. It’s a wonderful journey.” — Felicitas Sokec, Tucson, AZ 

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In the Footsteps of my Mothers

This is the article I wrote for Underdølen Spring/Summer 2015, the magazine from my "home town" in the Sognefjord, Norway. It describes my journey to the high mountain farm where my mothers, mothers, mothers all come from. I can sing the names of my Mitochondrial Lineage back ten generations. They depended on the goats and the wonderful cheeses made from ...

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Sing Out! Vol 5 no 3

Sing Out!

Read the full length expose of Kari Tauring, Nordic root folk musician and spiritual teacher written by David de Young for Sing Out! magazine. Kari's reflections at the passing of Pete Seeger on January 28, 2014: "I thought about how his songs influenced me as a very young girl. I learned "Where have all the flowers gone?" and "If I had a ...

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Return of the Volva!

The Spring/Summer 2015 Issue of "Witches and Pagans Magazine" published a wonderful interview with Sorcha Feilnar about my history and current work reclaiming the traditions of the staff carrier in the Nordic Folk Way. Also in this issue is a great article about the work and books of Maria Kvilhaug! You can read my interview below and purchase the magazine ...

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Two albums and a flash drive!

Kickstarter 2015 Fundraiser

Dear friends and fans, On the last full moon of 2015, you supported the completion of these two recordings. Detailed updates are on the Kickstarter Page. Svart (black) is the absence of sunlight, dreamtime, womb time, and all the underground beings. Selections include: World Tree Journey 17:40 - An improvisational meditation through the world tree using Komme Alle to start and Saule (Lithuanian) to end with ...

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