Kari Tauring is a Minneapolis based Nordic folk musician, dancer, and storyteller. A volva in Old Norse, she “carries the staff” of spiritual tradition within the folkway of her Nordic ancestry through performance, education, and authorship. She grew up in a Norwegian family in Minnesota with summers spent with extended family in Wisconsin. Kari combines deep scholarship and personal practice to create new interpretations of what it means to be Nordic. Called “innovative folk” music, Tauring gives modern relevance to the ancient poems and songs that inspire her.

Her original work aligning the body and its processes with the world tree and its many inhabitants, the use of staff rhythm for journey and rune expression, and the dovetailing of rune postures within Nordic movement is unique, profound, and well received around the world.

Kari has produced three Nordic roots musical recordings and is the author of a rune book and volva stav manual available in the Shop pages.

Volva Stav


Nordic Roots Dance.

Alt for Norge (tvnorge 2010) Kari brought her unique brand of Norwegian Minnesotan to Norway for the first time on Norway’s favorite reality show, Alt for Norge (everything for Norway). Fans call her kjæreKari med staven, dear Kari with the staff, based on her rendition of the popular old song, “Kjærringe med staven.” Her version was used in advertising for subsequent seasons!

Here is her Audition Video recorded in 2008. Filming was in 2009.


Formal Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts Double Major  Philosophy and English, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul – 1989
  • Master of Arts in teaching, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul – 1996
  • Ordained – Church of Spiritual Humanism, September 2007


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