Nordic Movement

In the Nordic Environment When people move to Minnesota from the south, they always comment about how their body moves differently here. They learn to walk cautiously like “penguins” on the icy winter sidewalks and streets. A lack of sun … Continue reading →

Stav and Tein

Meanings, Rituals, and Rules Stav (Norwegian): noun, any vertical line, a staff, ski poles, rods in the eyes, stripes in a weaving, and ancient Norwegian architecture. It is Isa, the ice rune. When our spine is stav we are upright and … Continue reading →

Nisswastämman 2016

June 10 and 11 I will be telling stories in the Children’s Tent and teaching Circle Song Dance in the Dance Barn with Carol Sersland at one of the largest and most unique gatherings celebrating Scandinavian and Finnish music and dance … Continue reading →

Nordic Women’s Retreat

March 11-13, 2016 Danish American Center 3030 West River Parkway South | Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406  A retreat for women to explore and share Nordic traditions, songs, dance, handiwork, and ancestry. Explore the questions: What does it mean to identify as … Continue reading →

Your Name In Runes

“Your Name in Runes”, by Kari Tauring – originally published by Llewellyn for Magical Almanac, July 2006. Edited for use on her website by the author, October 2015 Developing an intimate relationship with each rune in the runic alphabet of … Continue reading →

Nordic Folkways

What people sing, cook, make, dance and celebrate together in the context of where they live and who they are. Folkway Roots: Nature/environment: Where you are! The earth we live on, the water we drink, the food we eat and … Continue reading →