Nordic Roots Spirituality with Kari Tauring
@ The Eye of Horus

Introducing two new monthly sessions:

Third Tuesdays – Stav Journey  (September 2014 – May 2015) from 7-8 pm
The hour begins promptly with world tree stretches, stav rhythm and journey practice. Bring your own stav, tein, and bord.

Second Sunday Dream Clinic – (November – March) 1-2:30 pm.
Bring your dream journal and learn techniques and tools for deconstructing and interpreting your dream time messages. Essential Dream Work Handout

Fall /Winter Semester Class List

Staff Carrying Tradition for Women and Men – September 7, 1-3 pm – An introduction to the history, ritual and practice of the Norse völva and vitki.

Nordic Magic – September 20, 1-3 pm – Nature and ancestors, runes, poetry and the rhythms of work, these are the essence of Nordic magic and spiritual practice.

Runelore – a three part series – October 11, 18 and 25, 1-3 pm – Learn the names, sounds, stories and deep history of the 24 Elder Futhark runes.

Soul Parts and Healing in Norse Tradition – November 9, 3-5:30 pm – The anatomy of mind/body/spirit in Nordic tradition and how they connect and disconnect. Use seidr (trance state) and runes discover the source, shift energy, and expel disease.

Fiber Work and the Web of Wyrd and Drop Spindle Magic – November 23, Noon-1 and 1-3
First is a hands-on class for beginning students. Drop Spindle Magic use this art as völur do!

Mechanics of Intuition – November 30, 1-3 pm – Intuition is a physical process. Learn the vocabulary, physiology, and process of intuition! Hand Out

Nordic Horn Ceremony – December 14, 3-5 pm – December is a time for toasting, from the Ice Age to the modern era, learn the history and practice of Sacred Drink in Norse culture.  Hand Out

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