Ljos by Kari Tauring

Ljos by Kari Tauring

Kari Tauring and Drew Miller mark the culmination of their 8-year journey together into Nordic tradition with two albums: Ljos and Svart.

Another long-time Kari collaborator, Lynette Reini-Grandell, joins in Finnish charms and Kalevala songs. Scott Nieman once again mixes brilliantly and adds the magic of his strings.

In the over 100 minutes of original and traditional music, spoken word, and instrumentals, the Sun (Sunna) and Moon (Mani) wander through the Nordic world tree.


As we in the Northlands sing and dance with the change of seasons, so do the “light-seeking creatures” and “below ground folk” who beckon us to sing and dance with them.

Svart by Kari Tauring

Svart by Kari Tauring


Each album stands on its own and yet weave together in an epic listening experience culminating in a 17 minute improvisational world tree alignment with Stavers in the House.

Enjoy and download 24 pages of lyrics and scholarly notes from Ljos.

Enjoy and download 31 pages of lyrics and scholarly notes from Svart. 

Purchase Ljos  and Svart from, Ingebretsens, Eye of Horus, and Hjemkomst Center Gift Shop.

Album artwork by Aneesa Erinn Adams

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