What people sing, cook, make, dance and celebrate together in the context of where they live and who they are.

Folkway Roots:
Nature/environment: Where you are! The earth we live on, the water we drink, the food we eat and our connection to the place where we live will be expressed differently if you are in the desert southwest or the Boundary Waters on the border of Minnesota and Canada. Know where you are and what the original people of that place did to survive and thrive. Nordic people have always had a deep respect and need for “the Nature” and the spirits of the water, woods, mountains and air.

Ancestors/öorlog: Who you are! What we carry physically – mentally – emotionally – spiritually from our DNA to the learned ways of those who raised us. These things define us and are a source of healing.

Divinity: How we integrate and transcend the first two. What stories connect us to the beginning of time and inspire us to strive and thrive? How do we see ourselves both as small in the context of Nature and as integral in the context of our family relationships?

Nordic in the Nature root means on or above the Birch Line (45th Parallel of Latitude). This is a particular environment that carries common ways in all the cultures living in the Northern hemisphere. Nordic in the Ancestor root means having the values, habits, and potentials (both healing and dysfunctional) of people who live in Nordic lands. Nordic in the divine means understanding the Nordic pre-Christian mindset, body-mind-soul complex, metaphysics, cosmology, mythic, and ritual practices that help us integrate, heal, and express our relationship with Nature and Ancestors.


Medicine Lake Volva

Medicine Lake Volva

Folkways flow with the seasons What is the seasonally appropriate work we do? How do the changes in season affect our bodies? A folkway teaches us to enjoy the work of the seasons through cultural arts such as dances, songs, stories, fiber arts, community gathering, reciprocity and all sorts of foods to remember and mark the story of our people.

Whether you are new to the Northlands, have roots here, or are lured by the Nordic mythos, deepening your relationship to the Nature is key to understanding, surviving, and thriving.

Nordic Skiing / Dancing / Movement

Shall we Spin?

Shall we Spin?

Gjeitost/Brunost - Nordic cheese since the Bronze Age!

Gjeitost/Brunost – Nordic cheese since the Bronze Age!


Language, song, dance, craft, food, textiles, clothing and ritual are ways in which culture expresses itself.

Runes and Ruos express all of this!

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