Living in the Northlands affects how we carry our bodies.

Nordic roots movement an original curriculum by Kari Tauring

Whether walking, skiing, skating or dancing, the landscape directs and informs how our bodies move. Nordic rune shapes created through body postures reflect and describe the Nordic world. They manifest in Nordic dance through body postures, dance figures, and the cultural phenomenon that dances express. Kari began integrating these concepts in 2006 while studying Scandinavian dance with David Kaminsky and a variety of teachers in Minneapolis and Scandinavia. She continues to study and dances with the performance group,Det Norske Folkedanslaget directed by Telemark Tradition bearer Carol Sersland.

Water Ceremonies from many cultures!

Kari and Carol – Water Dances from many cultures!

Kari and Carol deepened the connection of runes in Nordic dance with a FY2011 Folk And Traditional Arts Grant. Carol is also the director of  and Fjell og Fjord children’s dance group.The two perform and teach together throughout the Midwest in dance and sing together for dancing with their group, Nordivas.

Yearly opportunity to learn from Kari and Carol: Nisswastämman June in Minnesota

Komme Alle is an original Community Gathering Song with runes for Elk, Reciprocity, and Community written by Kari Tauring in 2003. It was choreographed by Carol Sersland in 2011 for their Nordic Roots Dance project!

Some favorite programs for all ages and abilities:

“Klippe Sauen”
Clip the Sheep is traditionally taught to children for learning about wool work through doing, singing, and dancing it! All ages enjoy it.

“Song Dance – Circle Dance”
Children’s song games, community ballad dance, and cultural ritual dances for all ages and abilities. Several of these songs are available on Kari’s recordings – Ljos (2016) and Svart (2016).

A suite of songs, dances, and games about the bear. Crafted for children or adults. Recordings available on Kari’s recording – Nykken and Bear (2013).

FY2011 Folk and Traditional Arts Grant Project:

Download FY2011 Overview PDF

Download FY2011 Curriculum PDF