Carol Sersland, Mary Klokkeman, Arna Rennan and Kari Tauring

Carol Sersland, Mary Klockeman, Arna Rennan and Kari Tauring

The four women who are Nordivas have been singing traditional Scandinavian folk music for years-individually. They were drawn together by the desire to share vocal dance tunes with harmonies, descants, and other Nordic vocal ornamentation. There is power in the group that can’t be found separately.

Nordivas sing dance music from gammeldans to springar and polska to circle dance with energy and drive. They bring their individual talents together to create vocal dance music to convince you that singing is not just for listening – it will make you want to move.

You can hear them at the Nordic Ball in Minneapolis and Nisswastämmen in Nisswa, Mn and other venues in Minnesota.

Kari’s Nordivas Story:

Taking a break from the Saturday Night Dance at Nisswastämman 2013, I brought my drink over to a table where my friend and colleague Carol Sersland was in deep conversation with three other women, all well recognized in the Scandinavian music and dance community. Arna Rennan, whom I had met in 2005 and taken a seljefløyte (willow flute) class from in 2009 was saying something about singing for dancing. That made my ears tingle. Mary Klockeman, who I had heard sing for Telespringar at the Nordic Ball (a yearly gathering of dancers and musicians) that year, was nodding her head viggorously. Then Janet Hill, who I had not yet gotten to know (and whose efforts remain essential to 15 years of Nisswastämmen) was smiling in a most interesting way. I cozied in and asked, “What are we talking about?” in a bold and un-charictaristically Nordic way. Am I ever glad I did!

The subject was vocalized dance music. Singing for Nordic dancing is quite different from interpreting folk songs or singing ancient runes and Old Norse poetry. My study of Nordic dance began in 2006 and seven years later I felt ready to learn to sing for the dance and there is no one better in the state of Minnesota to learn this from than this group of women. Thus we began gathering from long distances (we live in different parts of the state) to sing, learn tunes, and create deeper friendships.


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