Each Fall and Spring after my Minneapolis courses at the Eye of Horus and Ingebretsens, a new crop of interested students desires to go further in their studies with me. I always recommend that students interested in Volva Stav attend the Northern Folk Gathering in Hinkley, MN -2013 June 27-30. At this four-day festival, new students will have a chance to meet, blot with, and take workshops from a wide range of Heathen, Asatru, and Nordic path walkers from Michigan to Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas.

Northern Folk Gathering

This is a family oriented event. We maintain a “Stav Cabin” where I and other women lead morning body runes, staving circles (bring your stav and tein!), and children’s activities. You can get a private session/reading, from me and several other rune workers, seidrkona, and healers.

This year I am releasing my new recording “Nkyyen and Bear” and will have Drew Miller and David Stenshoel with me on Friday Night to play the whole thing live.

I invite every curious person to join us at Norway Point camp ground and experience the guest friendliness and deep root spirituality of the Northern Folk!


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