Autographed Rune Book and Rune Set


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  1. Signed copy of Kari’s new book, The Runes: A Deeper Journey
    What began as a second edition of the popular book The Runes: A Human Journey (published in 2007), has developed into a work which effectively replaces Tauring’s original publication. The Runes: A Deeper Journey maintains the “story telling” quality of its predecessor while delving more deeply into Norse cosmology and metaphysics, especially as they relate to divination and the use of runes as guides and energetic sign posts on life’s journey.
  2. Kari’s hand made runes of Minnesota birch
    Kari, her husband, father, and son have ethically harvested the birch, sanded, and wood burned these runes for you with great care. It is a complete set of the 24 letter Elder Futhark.