Volva Songs


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Völva Songs includes pieces sung in Votic, Icelandic, Norwegian and English that are as sweet as a lullaby and frightening as a Valkyrie. This music is both intensely emotional and thoroughly researched. Medieval runesongs, passages from the Sagas, Stav rhythm and dance weave with masterful story-telling that merges entertainment and education.

Whether performing alone or with her ensemble Huldre, Tauring’s voice provokes dance, laugh and wonder. She wakes something from deep in our bones, something simultaneously ephemeral and elemental.

This six-song EP was recorded in the spring of 2008 with supporting musicians (and Omnium associates) Drew Miller from Boiled In Lead and Scott Nieman from Felonious Bosch.



Voluspa KariOla, although seemingly simple in execution, becomes a strongly textured rendering of the text, almost hypnotic, through no other means than voice, guitars, and occasional sotto voce choral interjections. Tauring’s voice is a supple, evocative instrument with an admirable range of expression…”

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