capriKari Tauring and Drew Miller (Boiled In Lead) take the listener on a Scandinavian journey, beginning in the Bronze Age (circa 1300 BCE) with stav (staff rhythm) and string skirts, then to the Viking Era (circa 750 ACE) with rune galdor (sung spells using the rune alphabet) and Old Norse lyrics. We land in the Immigrant Era, having left our beloved homeland to come to America. More than 800,000 Norwegians (nearly one-third of Norway’s population) emigrated between 1825 and 1925. Most settled in Minnesota and Wisconsin, including Ms. Tauring’s maternal family.

This music was recorded live on September 17, 2009 as the first in the Great Streets Concert Series produced by the Northside Arts Collective and recorded at the Historic Capri Theater in North Minneapolis. It is part of a vision of renewal for the neighborhood; a showcase for the diversity of talent in North while planting a seed to develop an Arts District at the corner of West Broadway and Penn Avenue. Your purchase supports the artists and this vision — to promote old and new businesses in the area, taking the first steps towards making this corner a Minneapolis “destination” as it was decades ago. Thank you!