Released Winter 2016

Released Winter 2016

Runes (Indo-European) and Runos (Finno-Ugric) stem from the Sanskrit root word Ru – secret or whispered mystery. Rune symbols, their sounds, poems and stories are nature magical. Runes describe the öorlog and wyrd of Nordic people.

Kari began studying the runes and mythology of her Nordic heritage in 1988 as part of a linguistics course at the University of St. Thomas. It has been her life’s passion ever since.

Her new book, The Runes: A Deeper Journey (2016) replaces her 2007 release and gives a deeper understanding of the cultural mindset and beliefs of the ancient rune users without loosing their personal and modern day relevance.

Brief descriptions of the 24 Elder Futhark runes


Chant the runes of the Elder Futhark with Kari using stav and tein with variant pronunciations from Norwegian, Icelandic, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon rune poetry.


Learn the Runes with Kari’s iPhone/iPad App an interactive teaching tool. Touch the note and hear Kari chant each rune with its various pronunciations and rhythmic interpretations. The App is fully updated with chapters from her new book, The Runes:A Deeper Journey!  

Kari in Runes wall paper made with the App!

Kari in Runes made with her App!


Readings feature includes make your own rune charm and email it to a friend.

Private Readings and Consultations – contact Kari directly.