Revised 19 November 2016 – Companion Notes to Kari Tauring’s Volva Stav Method of Healing ørlog. See also – Volva Stav

Intuition – from Latin “in – tueri” meaning to consider or contemplate inwardly. Feeling with conscious reasoning.

In the Middle Ages (1200 AD) intuition denoted spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication (via God, saints, or angels). An ability to perceive spirits and understand what they are saying.

In Modern times intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. Modern man has declared that intuition and feeling are inferior to conscious reasoning. Women, and men prone to emotional upset, were said to be inferior to reasoning men. These ideas correspond to viewing nature as a commodity rather than part of the living complex and viewing the physical body as unreliable and even vile.

In our post-Modern world, we must re-learn to be in our bodies, trust and re-integrate intuition and conscious reasoning.

Our Sense Organs
We speak of five senses that give us the information to understand our world. They are connected to specific organs. Sight is connected to the eyes, smell, the nose, hearing, the ears, and taste to the mouth.

The sense of touch/feel is connected to the entire body through apparatus of the skin, nerves, and the electrical energetic system of the physical body. I call this the emotional body.

The Emotional Body extends from the core of the spine out to the tip of the fingers with arms extended. It includes the brain tissue and neurons that scientists have found along the spine in the areas of the gut and heart that send signals to the rest of the body and brain. When we say things like, “I have a gut feeling that it would be dangerous” or “my heart tells me that she will be just fine” we are actually using brain tissue. There are subtle perceptions, sometimes below the conscious level, that we receive in this “personal space.” It makes us hold people that “feel icky” at arm’s length while we may have the impulse to hug someone who “feels lovely.”

The emotional body can enhance other senses. Phrases like “I see it in my mind’s eye” or the “little voice inside my head” are ways we talk about this.

How often have you said or heard someone say, “I feel uncomfortable when that person is around. I can’t put my finger on it, it’s just a feeling.” Intuition is directly connected to the feeling function of our senses.

Our senses provide information for our intuition. Feelings give value and judgement to the situation.
Without feeling, there is no value judgement.

The feeling function
We must understand that thinking and feeling are parts of one another, not in opposition to one another.

We must also believe that the natural world, animals and plant life etc. have an emotional body as well and that we are able to intuit and interact emotionally with all of the natural world. Ignorance and suppression of the feeling function is at the root of the chronic imbalance in the modern human and culture. A healthy feeling function is the key to intuition, psychic impression and spiritual healing.

Developing emotional intelligence, treating feelings as facts, and increasing the vocabulary of feelings and emotions are ways towards healing. The trick is to practice being a high functioning, emotionally intelligent and highly sensitive human being within a damaged and dysfunctional world. The better you become at detecting and diffusing dysfunction the more healed your world.

A lack of cultural value placed on feelings damages the feeling function. For example, you might be teased or ridiculed for being “too sensitive” or “over-emotional.” Rarely is someone ridiculed for being too thinking or emotionally cool. This creates a culture of fear around the very sensitivity that makes us more fully human.

Physical or psychological trauma can injure the function of feeling by creating a separation of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

A wounded or broken feeling function creates attachment to physical things, unconscious bargains and false relationships. Addictions to people, substances and experiences replace feelings or hide the empty lack of feeling.

A wounded feeling function subverts conscious reasoning while a healthy feeling function gives value to conscious reasoning.

Signs of a Damaged Feeling Function:

Whose feeling is it? – with a damaged feeling function a child might loose a sense of whose emotions are whose. Over identification with another’s feelings can blur boundaries. This is an issue with intuition and psychic impression as well. We need conscious reasoning to help us process and distinguish between my feelings and your feelings.

Materialism – Feelings must NOT be unconsciously tied to the physical realm. Attachment to things occurs when feelings become synonymous with the physical world. The more stuff we have the happier we are is a falsehood that many people are discovering. We look to physical things to provide feelings and thereby give meaning to relationships. The blur between sex and love is an example of this. Intimate touching may be a response to emotion, but it is not the emotion. While physical things may evoke feelings, they are not, themselves, feelings. There is a difference between “he loves me so kissed me” and “he kissed me so he loves me.”

False Relationships – Similar to attachment to things is attachment to people. We may use the other person’s emotions to fill a void in our own emotional content. We may accept the other person’s physical displays as emotion though there is no real emotion elicited by those physical displays. Co-dependency is another term for this. It is less lonely to be alone than to be in a false relationship.

Feeling mis-identification – Negative attention such as getting into trouble to satisfy the craving for attention can blur the identity of feeling and damage the feeling function. She hit me so she must love me. Any touch is good touch.

Scape Goat and Victim Mode – displacement of responsibility – putting the blame on another rather than accepting it ourselves follows from unconscious bargaining. Instead of admitting that we are ignoring our feelings in favor of a thing, we say, “I have no choice” or “it’s because of them that I have to…” This is a secondary removal of self from the feeling function. It divorces us from personal responsibility, we consequently give up our free will. Taking what seems to be the “easy way out” at the expense of personal responsibility and acceptance of true feeling (as truly we are not at ease).

Unconscious bargains – giving up or shut off our feelings for some “higher goal” damages our feeling function. We may make decisions that hurt us in the long run for a short term feeling of comfort/ease/relief. Children may learn to do this for protection in abusive relationships. Corporate and political culture prizes and rewards this. We learn to stomach things that are emotionally damaging in order to gain some higher goal. It causes incredible stress on the body/mind/spirit complex and a host of related diseases.

Silencing our emotions has had a horrible cost.

In his book “A Language Older Than Words,” Derrick Jensen describes his own abusive upbringing and how the victim must be silenced for the abuse to be perpetuated. Silencing his own feelings was his safety remedy but it cost him emotional functionality. He goes on to describe how the silencing of animals emotions is essential for factory farming. The Earth itself is silenced, we learn to not communicate with it. We co-modify it and treat the water, soil and air as resources to be exploited without emotional consequence. Humans have made a series of unconscious bargains in the name of progress, civilization, and necessity that have destroyed our feeling functions individually and collectively.


Emotional Body – Let’s play a bit with this energetic emotional body. Stand up and hold your arms out. Lean into a person next to you but do not physically touch. Can you feel them on your palms?

When you stand this way with arms and legs apart like The Vitruvian Man drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci, you are in sacred geometry creating the squared circle and the star of David all at once.

Remember that you are an inter-dimensional being. You are feeling energy from your physical system and the energy of other dimensions. Einstein calculated 11 dimensions and Quantum Physics goes even further. These dimensions are energy and this energy affects you whether you are conscious of it or not.

Now bring your palms together in front of you at your gut level…how does it feel? Now at your heart level…what do you feel there? Now up to your ancestor brain…feelings?Conscious intuitive process:


Create a broader vocabulary for emotions by creating a list of all the “positive feeling” words you know. Now create a list of the “negative feeling” words. Which list is longer? Work on learning more words to describe the amazingly complex and subtle feeling-being that you are!

Having a feeling:

It may start with a physical impulse or an emotion that seem to arise from no where. Some people have a sudden visual internally or smell something odd. The moment you are aware of the stimulus for the intuitive process turn your attention to it and begin asking questions. We do not ask whether we are feeling but what, where, and why we are feeling.

Where is it affecting the physical body? ie. a shiver up my spine, right side from the mid back to the ear or something feels thick to the left of my body at about heart hight, ten inches out from my core…

What feelings come up? ie. nervous, happy, grief stricken

What impulses do you have? ie. I want to run away, laugh, cry, lash out…

Is this emotion mine or not mine?
When we connect the emotion or intuition to an external or internal source or trigger there is a sense of ownership or an “a ha” feeling that corresponds.


External physical source: What do you see, hear, smell, taste in the physical? ie. I have been sitting in the same position for several hours or the heat went out etc. Sometimes intuition is nudged to tell us that we have been working too hard and are not paying attention to what is going on around us.

Internal emotional source: Is the source a repressed memory or a dream segment that relates to the present emotion? Is it connected to my internal life?

If it is yours, set some boundaries to deal with it. Examples:
The emotions are connected to something that was said earlier that day and you need to have a talk with the other person.
You have a foreboding about having left the coffee pot on, so you call home and check.
You decide to ignore your intuition and will yourself to continue on a path which leads to negative outcomes so you then decide to change course. This changes your emotions.

If there is “no good reason” for feeling the way you do, the emotions may not be yours the emotions may belong to someone else.

Not Mine

A Loved One: When our emotional system is connected with another, such as a spouse or child, we may experience an emotion that they are experiencing. This is actually more common than people realize. Mothers and their babies dream in tandem. There are countless stories in farm families where the farm woman suddenly stops what she is doing and runs out to the field to find her husband trapped under the tractor.

Persons who are present: persons in the room may be projecting these emotions. This happens often when I am shopping. Shopping can create a strange type of meditative state through over stimulation, rolling the cart down isle after isle, concentrating on the list only…it is easy to pick up an emotion from someone else as they, in a similar state, may be throwing their emotions out there unconsciously. People who do readings such as runes, energy readings, aura readings etc. are keenly aware of what is theirs and not theirs (or they should be). Body work, counseling, and teaching are jobs that benefit from empathy and intuition and proper training and care should be given to distinguish between what is yours and not yours.

Clearing/Boundary Setting

Burning herbs or other incense to clear the emotional field is common to all cultures. Sounding the the voice or ringing a bell also clear the energy field. Through quantum physics we know that both smoke and sound travel inter-dimensionally. Find your own tone.

Many body workers wash their hands up to the elbows with the intention of letting all the prior client’s energy run down into the sink. Sea salt de-ionizes the energy and clears the field. Kyanite is a stone that can be carried which clears and needs no clearing. I often carry it on my person when I go shopping!

Ancestral grief or inherited emotions

There may be a blurry area where a thought, feeling, or instinctive impulse may feel like it both does and does not belong to you. In Norse tradition this is called ørlog and wyrd. We are more than our physical DNA. We inherit the souls of our ancestors. Our ancestors continue to work in our lives for good or ill. By perceiving an emotional impulse that may belong to an ancestor, we are capable of giving it a physical outlet. They no longer have a physical body to process their emotions through so we become the vessels of this process. Through ritual, we can create healing for our ancestors and thereby clear our own path to healthy emotions, habits, attitudes.

Earth emotional field: The Earth body works in the same way as our physical bodies. Before earthquakes and such, animals pick up the vibrations of the Earth, humans pick up the energy of the animals and the Earth, and if trained to pay attention, intuitively run for cover. Animals and plants carry some of the same apparatus for emotional response as humans. Plants subjected to fire emit frenzied electrical responses. Animals are extremely intuitive when it comes to human emotion. Horses, for example, have been used in therapy for centuries because of this deep psychic connection.

Collective Human Emotion: The emotional body of the Earth carries collective human emotions in waves from one part of the globe to another. When there are natural disasters or tragedies which cause numbers of humans to experience grief, this can be felt through the Earth emotional body and consequently we can pick this up. Sometimes we will feel the grief wave before we hear about the devastation on the news. Recognizing and processing it through the body – allowing ourselves to grieve for a designated period of time can relieve the collective grief concentration.

Disembodied Entities: Spirits, deity, angels and demons…we can become the physical vessels of any disembodied entity, so this is something to be very cautious with. I suggest that you get assistance with this. This may indeed be closer to the Medieval definition of intuition – angelic or demonic visitations were more commonly described in the past. Good boundaries and conscious reasoning in the process must be observed. Not even an angel has the right to hi-jack your body without permission.


Boundary setting – A Check List For Behaviors – use this for both setting good boundaries and recognizing the behaviors of others that do not exhibit good boundaries.

An Exercise:
Draw an inner circle. In it, make a list of things you are always willing to experience.
Draw a circle around that. In it make a list of things you are willing to experience by invitation only.
Then list the things you are never willing to experience on the outside of that circle.

Ask: I am comfortable with this at this time and in this place? Do I feel ready, willing, able and deserving of this experience?

Be conscious of changes in your emotional and physical state. Give yourself time to journal, create artwork or music, and process the emotional and physical state.


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