Ørlog (öorlog, orlog) is an Old Norse word meaning primal layer or law. It is our physical, spiritual, ancestral,

environmental and cultural inheritance passed to us through our ancestors and the cultures they came from. The past is not a dead or forgotten thing, it is an active principal that comes up to meet us in our daily lives.

A deeper definition of öorlog and wyrd – 2014

Understanding and healing ørlog is a journey of self discovery. Your personal issues, challenges, gifts and strengths are directly related to your ancestral inheritance. Healing dysfunctional patterns in ourselves, heals down the root.

Our ancestors are waiting for the healing we can offer them. And our descendants are counting on us to lay healthy patterns for them.

There is pain in the culture, a crisis of identity that is making people afraid. Confusing “whiteness” for culture is at its core. Un-healed cultural trauma such as war, oppression, and colonization continue to damage humanity. In order to heal our world we need to heal ourselves. Earth is a planet in trauma, humans are a species in post-traumatic stress disorder. Core cultural values common to all such as protecting the Earth, honoring ancestors, and keeping children and elderly safe, have been replaced by institutions that keep us detached from one another and community.

From the Standing Rock Solidarity Network

“Own your history. European settlers came bearing the traumas of violence, lost connection with the land, and severe repression of their spiritual traditions. Becoming settlers deepened that loss…It’s important to face our own historical losses, and draw on our own roots…Learn about your own ancestral traditions, and develop a spiritual practice rooted in them.”

Volva Stav Method was developed as a specifically Northern European cultural healing modality to help understand and treat inherited cultural grief, heal family of origin dysfunction, and reconnect us to an earth-based, family/culture based life. Being a deeply helpful ally to the struggles of other cultures whether Native American, African-American or other immigrant groups means understanding our own culture.

Through the cosmology, metaphysics, and mythos of our deepest ancestors, cognitive behavior therapies and other tools for high functioning behavior we connect with family of origin trauma, heal ancestral grief, and learn prayerful techniques for emotional and psychic healing that resonate with the language, songs, and dances of our individual heritages.

Work Sheet by Anne Wilson Schaef – Boundary Setting

Völva Stav

essay – Women and Inherited Cultural Grief