Studying Volva Stav
There are four official teachers of Volva Stav who are members of the Volva Stav Guild.

There have been countless students who have practiced Volva Stav through direct study and through the many free resources Kari has provided.

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Ørlog Healing/Inherited Cultural Grief –
Key to carrying the staff for your family is understanding and healing your ørlog. Confronting your own issues, knowing and accepting the complete history of your family as far back as you can go and seeing the connections. Working on your own healing is the medicine for healing our ancestors.

Write down the major issues you and your family are dealing with in your physical, mental, relationship, and spiritual health. Then do a “Family of origin intake survey.” On a family tree, mark who had illnesses, died young, had trauma or addiction, lost a spouse, child, parent, or sibling. Who lost their native home or language? This gives clues into physical, mental, and emotional health issues.

Read the vast blog posts in the Volva Stav Blog. There are posts going back into the early 2000’s that will give you a good historical perspective of Volva Stav today!

Kari is available for private sessions – email kari at!


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